NeoGraft Frequently Asked Questions

NeoGraft is an automated system of hair follicle extraction that Connecticut Hair Restoration Surgeon Dana Brownell, M.D. uses during the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. FUE is a major improvement over Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), also known as the strip harvesting technique. The NeoGraft system allows the doctor to quickly extract many more viable hair follicles using the FUE method, without an invasive procedure or a linear scar. The advantage of NeoGraft is the speed and efficiency that it allows the doctor to successfully transplant healthy hair follicles.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using NeoGraft with the FUE Procedure?
With manual FUE, a Hair Loss Doctor extracts individual hair follicles with forceps. The pulling and twisting action can cause discomfort for the patient in addition to putting the follicles at risk of breaking. The no-touch pneumatic pressure of NeoGraft allows for a much higher survival rate upon extraction as well as successful transplantation.

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Candidate for NeoGraft?
Doctor Brownell offers free consultations to men and women who are considering an FUE with NeoGraft. She will examine your scalp during the appointment to determine if you have enough healthy hair follicles on the back of your scalp for transfer. Dana Brownell, M.D. also uses NeoGraft for eyebrow and facial hair transplants. You are welcome to schedule your FUE hair transplant surgery immediately after your consultation or whenever it fits into your schedule.

How Long Does It Take? What Do I Need to Do to Prepare?
The follicle extraction process and transplantation takes between three and eight hours to complete. You may need to return for another session if Doctor Brownell has identified a large number of follicles for transfer. No specific preparation is necessary, although some men prefer to shave their head before FUE with NeoGraft to ensure that all hair grows at a similar rate.
What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
Dana Brownell, M.D. removes hair follicles from the back of the scalp because the hair in this area is typically healthier and more resistant to balding. You will notice greater fullness in your balding areas right away, but keep in mind that you will shed these new hairs within a few weeks. However, the transplanted follicles from these hair grafts spur the growth of permanent new hair in about three to four months. Your new hair should reach the desired fullness in approximately six to eight months

Are There Any Risks?
FUE with NeoGraft is a non-invasive procedure with minimal pain, bleeding, or risk of complication that can occur with an FUT procedure. Doctor Brownell uses a local anesthesia and you can return to your everyday activities by the following day. This is a safe, effective outpatient procedure that can finally give you the hair restoration results you have been seeking.

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